Laser Maschine


Besides high-tech, knowledge and know-how is an important factor in high productivity. So as to be able to operate our state-of-the-art equipment and the software, our employees regularly take part in training and further education courses. Only by doing this can we ourselves always offer our customers products that are state of the art.

So that we retain this knowledge and know-how in our company, we not only orient ourselves towards the IG-Metall (Metalworkers Union) agreements, we also offer special payments and additional benefits. The fact that we can often celebrate an anniversary with one of our employees, speaks for the satisfaction of our employees. This is also due to the excellent cooperation with our Works Council. All important company questions are resolved together, in order to find the best possible solution. This approach has proved its value in the 90-year history of our company and will also in the future assure the continuity of the enterprise and the jobs it provides.